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Selector design (CSS)

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With the help of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), a stylesheet language, the selector can be designed individually. In the settings of the digitizer in the CSS editor, which can be enlarged using the arrow next to it, the appearance of all elements on the selector pages can be specified. Some frequently used examples and information on CSS design are available for download as PDF files.

Frequently used CSS settings: DOWNLOAD HERE

In general, a CSS rule for the selector is structured like in the following example. More detailed information on the details can be found in the PDF file.

#foxbase-selector .mdc-button {
    color: blue ! important;

The addition of the ID selector "#foxbase-selector" is required to select the class selector "mdc-button". This selects the element to be designed. The associated rule sets are behind it in curly brackets. "Color" describes the property of the element, followed by a colon, and is given a value ("blue"). In addition, “! Important” is specified at the end of the CSS rule in order to overwrite existing rules. You can determine the respective selectors and current CSS settings in the browser in the developer tool under "Elements" and test changes there.

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