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General settings

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General settings of the selector can be made in the menu item Settings The settings also relate to the general appearance of the selector on the front end, such as colors, navigation and button labels.

General Settings

Selector name: Define the name of the selector here.

Default language: The standard language of the selector can be chosen from the in Translations stored languages.

Google Analytics Tracking ID: Google Analytics enables you to use Tracking-Codes in the code of your page to conduct a continuous analysis and statistical evaluation of your website. The basic version of this analysis tool is free of charge and is one of the most widely used web analysis tools worldwide. You can get important KPI and website statistics. Marketing campaigns and A / B tests can also be tracked with Google Analytics. The unique tracking ID can be entered in the digitizer in the format "UA-000000-2". The last number refers to the linked property ID.

Google Tag Manager ID: With the Google Tag Manager you can add code snippets such as tracking codes or conversion pixels to your website without interfering with the source code. The Google Tag Manager code only needs to be integrated once. Everything else can then be controlled via a browser user interface.

CDN domain: A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of servers in various data centers around the world. It is an excellent opportunity to offer or develop your website or web application worldwide.

DataSheet List: tba.

Questionnaire Settings

Show questionnaire navigation: The display of the navigation of the questionnaire in the front end can be hidden. The navigation enables the user to see their entries as well as to jump back by clicking on the respective question of the selector.

Show questionnaire progress bar: The progress indicator below the page title in the front end shows the user how far they have already progressed in the questionnaire.

Show restart button on questionnaire page: The "Restart" button is displayed on all pages of the questionnaire. This enables the user to cancel the selection at any time and start from the beginning.

Remove Inputs on Update: If the user jumps back to a previous question and changes thier entry there, all subsequent answers that have already been given will be deleted when this setting is activated.

Forward to No Result Page on Dead End: If an entry does not lead to a result, the "No Result Page“ can be shown, which must be configured accordingly.

Save Recommendation Data to Session Storage: The recommendation shown on the results page can be added to the session storage of the Internet browser if, for example, a connection to a shopping cart is to be made.

Float number format: The format of the decimal numbers can be comma or point separated.

General questionnaire settings

Customize Theme - Customize the color scheme of the selector

Under Customize Theme you can configure both the position of the info button and the color scheme of the selector. The Info button in Questionnaire can be created for each question with an image file and a text. Its position can either be right-aligned next to the question (right aligned) or directly behind the question title (next to question).

The Color scheme of the selector can be adjusted for primary, secondary and background colors by means of a hexadecimal color code.

Adjust color scheme

External CSS & CSS Editor

You can customize the design of the selector in the CSS area of the digitizer. You can either use an external CSS document in the External CSS link field or customize the style in the CSS editor with the CSS rules .

Customize Texts - create button descriptions

Under Customize Texts you define the names for the buttons that are used to navigate through the selector, such as next / previous / skip.

customize texts
  1. The name of the button that leads to the next page.
  2. The name of the button that skips a page in the selector.
  3. The name of the button that leads directly to the results page.
  4. The name of the option button.
  5. The name of the button that leads to the previous page of the selector.
  6. Name of the selector in the digitizer.
  7. The name of the button with which the selector is restarted.
  8. The name of the button through which the filter is activated.
  9. The name of the label in the questionnaire navigation for the page that was skipped.
customize texts
  1. Filter box header on the results page.
  2. No limit on the filter label.
  3. Dropdown: Select option - Designation.
  4. Dropdown: No selection - description.
  5. The designation of the button on the results page, through which further suitable results can be displayed.
  6. Warning, this is where the danger zone begins.
  7. The selector can be deleted under Delete Selector.

The assignment to the corresponding buttons in the front end are shown below.

customize texts
customize texts
customize texts

Danger Zone

ATTENTION: By clicking on Delete Selector the opened selector is deleted and cannot be restored.

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