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Unused potential:
Guided Selling in B2B

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Guided Selling fulfills three main goals:

  1. Understand. Guided selling software analyzes customer needs.
  2. Explain. Guided selling software only shows the customer the relevant information, as well as which alternatives could still be possible for him.
  3. Recommend. A guided selling software advises by suggesting the most suitable product for the respective needs.

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Unused potential: Guided Selling in B2B

Sales and marketing are facing major challenges in the face of new technologies and customer needs. The structural change is noticeable, among other things, in the expectations of customers. “Shopping should be quick and easy,” has recently also been the motto in B2B. But that alone is not enough. How can B2B companies provide customers with a positive shopping experience, which on the one hand impresses with its speed and simplicity, and on the other hand enables individual advice. The answer to this is the guided selling approach.

Successfully digitizing B2B sales in the long term is only possible if companies approach consumer behavior and the wishes of customers, which requires constant reacting to changes. The white paper can be understood as a suggestion to deal more intensively with the topic of "Guided Selling" and at the same time conveys our personal experience with this topic.  
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