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User interface: Lead

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To enable the user of the selector to receive their personal result by email, in Menu: Lead> NEW MAIL CONFIG an Email form can be created. The email is automatically sent to the selector user's contact data, provided that it was created correctly. The email structure is based on a template.

The resulting lead must also be sent to the sales representative. The salesperson receives an email with the entries of the selector user and their contact details. The structure of the email is based on a Template.

In the menu area Leads, the Interfaces to CRM systems and lead control can be defined. The lead management can be directed to a CRM system. Please note: For the CRM connection, FoxBase currently needs another action to prepare - please contact us. For the configuration of the lead control click in the Lead area on NEW LEAD CONFIG.

The lead user interface looks like this:

User interface lead
  1. New Lead Config: Create new lead control
  2. New Mail Config: Create new mail control

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