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Set up the Results page

The Result Page is the page that is displayed to the customer at the end of the question tree. It contains Product recommendations, descriptions and advantages, CallToAction buttons and much more. The result page can be designed and arranged individually. 

On the result page, you can sort the products into groups and in addition, there are also 3 sections in which you can influence the structure of the product recommendation:

  • Top sections
  • Product Sections
  • Bottom sections

To edit, select the Result Page in the menu bar. 

First define the title, heading and signature. 

Frontend - backend:  

Result Page Frontend

Besides the product sections (next step), additional result page sections can be created above and below the result sections. The desired sections such as a headline, a CTA button, or a text section can be created under “Result Page Top Sections” or “Result Page Bottom Sections”.

Results Page - Upper Sections

Select the CTA form page button (CTA = call to action) and name the CTA button label fallback: Order here. If the user clicks on the button, they will be forwarded to the contact form and can leave their contact details there:

Frontend - backend:  

CTA button front end

Results Page - Product Sections

Here you define the properties of the product sections. Choose a title, picture, brief description, and product benefits. 

Here, the imported information from the CSV file plays an important role because you can include them here. Under DataSourceColumn you can access the columns in the CSV file.

Title (Title): Select the product name (“productName”) as the title. 

Picture (Picture): Select the column "picture" as the picture 

Description (Additional data 1): 

  • Assign icons (i.e. images) to the topics by selecting an icon URL.  
  • Static Label: “Description”. 
  • Label from data: “-”. 
  • DataSource Column: “shortDescription”. 

Advantages (Additional data 2): 

  • Assign icons (i.e. images) to the topics by selecting an icon URL. 
  • Static Label: “Advantages”. 
  • Label from data: “-”. 
  • DataSource Column: “benefits”. 

You can insert an icon URL to refine the page appearance. Use the following link for this:

Frontend - backend: 

Product section results page

Results Page - Lower Sections

In this example we are not filling out this section.

For example, you can use this section to Provide information sheets, technical data sheets and PDF files for download. A brief, illustrative explanation of the download section follows (click).

Proceed to the No Result Page. 

No results page

If the Selector cannot recommend a product to the customer, you should have set up a No Result Page. This is displayed to the customer if no products match their requirements. The No Result Page is automatically activated and is displayed to the customer in this case.

If you want to show the contact form on the No Result Page, activate the red switch in the field Display form (enabled by default).

No results page

Resources: Results page (further)

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