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User Interface: Questionnaire

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The user interface of the menu item questionnaire looks as follows:

Questionnaire user interface
  1. Choose under Questionnaire NEW PAGEto add a new level to the question tree.
  2. You can change the order of the question levels by clicking on the arrows. The questions are queried in the selector in the order shown here.
  3. conditionns: The conditions set for the question are displayed next to the question. In this example, Opacity 3 is only queried if NO is selected for Opacity 1. Opacity 2 is only prompted if YES is selected for Opacity 1.
  4. All questions are displayed one below the other in the collapsed view. For editing, the question is opened with a click and can be closed again by clicking on the x above the question.

The configuration of the result and contact form pages can be done under the menu items Result Page, Form Page and Thank You Page be made. In the following article you will find all information about creating questions.

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