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New Mail Configuration

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Lead management via email

To configure lead management via email, in the Lead area on New Mail Config:

  1. Sender: Name of the sender
  2. Recipients: Receiver
  3. Trigger: Here you can set the button for which the mail configuration is to be used
  4. SMTP user: Selection of the SMTP user
  5. Header template: Selection of the subject of the contact request (standard: request_notification_mail_subject)
  6. Body template: Selection of the mail content of the contact request (standard: request_notification_mail_body)
  7. Send attachments: Possibility to add an attachment: If the attachment is activated, a PDF with the entries and results is created when the lead is sent via email. The template for this must be created accordingly and stored as a URL in the field under "Send attachments".

Note for the mail configuration:
Sending individual e-mail templates is also possible, please feel free to Contact us about this.
In addition, a standard SMTP user is currently possible for each selector, but we can also create your own user for you - please do not hesitate to contact us about this.

Example of lead management via email:

  1. The personal contact details are generated from the entries in the contact form
  2. These are the results of the customer's inputs from the selector
Example email lead management

PDF attachment for lead management via email

Instead of showing your users the information about the recommended products and the answers given in the email body, you can also send a PDF attachment in the email. You can find out how to create a PDF template for this purpose in this article.

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