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New Page - create and configure questions

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Info: How does a question tree work?

Click on the button NEW PAGEin the Questionnaire menu to add a new level to the question tree. You can then configure the fields according to your requirements. For more information on the use of images and icons, see the end of this article. You can also read below where the entered digitizer content (backend) is mapped in the selector (frontend).

Page - configure the question page

Create screenshot of the question page
  1. Specify the icon URL appropriate to the question.
  2. Define the title of the page.
  3. Define the subheading of the page.
  4. Add an explanation to the page.
  5. With a stored info icon URL, the info icon is displayed next to the question in the selector.
  6. Info text that is displayed when the user clicks on the info icon and an info icon URL is stored.
  7. The URL ending of the page is automatically filled in continuously when a new question is created. You can customize the ending with text / numbers.
  8. If there are several questions (choices) per page, you can use only one choice to select that only one of the questions can be answered.
  9. Conditions (Conditionals, No. 10) can function as OR-linked (II) or AND-linked (&&).
  10. Define with conditions (Conditionals) for which previously clicked answers this question should be displayed. See the following section for more details on conditionals.

Conditionals - branches of the question tree

In order to control the question tree and display branches, a condition can be created when creating the question. You use conditions to determine the dependency of this question on the selected answers.

Select via the button MANAGE the answers from the list of previously asked questions for which this question should be displayed when entered. This can be either a single answer or a combination of answers made up of one or more questions.

You can change the way the selected answers are linked with Conditional operator. For an OR link, select "II". The question is only displayed if at least one of the selected answers has been given beforehand. For an AND link, select "&&". The question is only asked if all the selected answers in the questionnaire have been clicked on beforehand.

After adding a condition, below the Manage button you will see the message "Only show this page if if "Answer X" has been selected.” For a better overview, the conditions are also displayed in the compressed view of the questions.

conditionals gif

Choice & Answers - set questions and answers

With Choice and Answer you can determine the question and answer options. On one page or question level you can create one or any number of questions (Choices) with any number of answers (Answers).

Create questions and answers

Choice - create a question and question type

  1. By clicking on the Arrows you can navigate through the question levels.
  2. By clicking on the upper Garbage can the entire question level can be deleted
  3. By clicking on the lower Garbage can of the two, the question (choice) is deleted.

Question types:

  1. Type: Various question types with different input types are available, which are described in more detail below.
  • Buttons: Simple buttons to select an answer option, variants with and without pictures possible.
  • Cards: Buttons with images and text fields for additional explanations.
  • Checkboxes: Checkboxes with and without pictures to select one or more answer options. Multiple choice questions are only possible with the question type checkbox and can be AND or OR linked (see No. 6).
  • Double switch: Simple switch for YES / NO answers.
  • Slider: Slider for setting a value within a defined range of values.
  • Text fields: Input field for texts with up to 600 characters.
  • File upload: Upload option (please contact us before use).
  • Number fields: Input field for numbers.
  • Range: Input field for a specified range of numbers.
  • Dropdown: Answers as a drop-down menu.
  1. Template: Define a template for the input type.
    For the button question type, for example, an image or a color circle can be added to the standard button using a template.
    For the question type slider, a checkbox can be added in front of the slider by selecting the template in order to leave answers unevaluated if there are several sliders on one page.
  2. Answers are: Answers to a question can be in an AND relationship (AND related) or an OR relationship (OR related). This is relevant for the multiple selection of checkboxes.
    AND related: With an AND link, the products are recommended or not recommended based on the combination of the selected answers. The selected answers are calculated together in the recommendation logic similar to questions answered one after the other.
    OR related: In the case of an OR link, all the answers given are calculated individually with the logic so that several question tree paths result.
  3. Required: Set the question as optional (skip button appears) or mandatory.
  4. Question Title: Define the title of the question.
  5. Question explanation: Specify additional information for filling in the question.

Answers - configure answer options

  1. Add answer: If the input type of the question is sufficiently defined, with the use of the button ADD ANSWER the various options are supplemented. Depending on the selected question type and template, the fields are named differently and can contain image URLs and additional explanatory texts (supporting text).

Add Choice - add additional questions

  1. Add choice: Via the button ADD CHOICE a further question can be added to the existing page. The questions can be set independently of one another as mandatory, swapped in their position using the arrow or restricted using “Only one choice” (see above).

Overview of questionnaire configuration: Linking backend & frontend

Back end:

Question page in the backend

Front end:

Question page in the frontend

Checklist for the procedure: Add or adapt questions afterwards

If you want to add another question later, this can also be done via Questionnaire With NEW PAGE you can create a new page with a new question or you can add another question to an existing page via ADD CHOICE After processing the answer options, it is important to also configure the algorithm via the matrix. You should go through the following steps:

  • Create or adapt question
  • Configure the matrix
  • Testing the results

Notes: pictures & icons

Notes on working with images and icons in the digitizer:

  • The images should have a resolution of at least 72dpi, as this represents the optimal size in the web area and thus long loading times are avoided.
  • Various formats are suitable for this. JPEG files are suitable for normal pictures. For graphics, PNG files with a transparent background should be selected to avoid unnecessary borders.
  • Vector graphics are generally recommended for icons, but any format is possible.
  • Pictures for questions should be of the same format, our recommendation is to work with square pictures. The dimensions should not exceed 500 × 500 with a maximum size of 500kB.
  • It is currently not yet possible to load images directly into the digitizer. Instead, any images from publicly accessible servers can be stored as a URL. Please note that you are responsible for obtaining the necessary licenses for image usage.
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