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Add filter

The filter function can be used to narrow down products on the results page that meet certain criteria. The user can define the criteria accordingly in the questionnaire via the questions.

Example: Products should be filtered according to the quality standard

Question: What quality standard is required?
Answer options.:

Quality standard 1

At least quality standard 2

At least quality standard 3

If “At least quality standard 2” is selected as the answer, the products that “meet at least quality standard 2” are displayed on the results page, including all products with quality standard 1. Products with quality standard 3 are excluded via the filter.

Setting up the filter:

In order to link the filter logic with the questionnaire, the corresponding filter criteria for each product must first be specified in the CSV product file. For our example, the respective quality standards are defined in the corresponding column in the CSV for the products “Uhr Premium”, “Uhr Vintage” and “Uhr Standard”.

Setting up the filter

In the next step, the filter for quality standards is set up in the digitizer under “Filter”. Since this is a filter that depends on the user input, the “User Input” filter must be selected in the top right under “Add Filter”:

Filter quality standard

The filter appears when you click on “User Input Filter”.

Under "Filter label” the filter can be named first, in our case we call the filter "quality standard filter ”.

With "Change Input Type" the filter type can be changed again.

In the fieldAnswer – Conditionals” the answers for which the filter should be active must be selected. In our example, the quality standard answers “1”, “2” and “3” must be selected because the filter should take effect when these answers are selected.

Under "Choice” the question can then be selected for which the filter is activated. For our example, we choose the above question “Which quality standard is required?”. About the field "Answer” you can define whether the filter only applies to a specific answer. We leave this field blank as the filter for all possible answers to the question "Which quality standard is required?" should apply.

In the field"Overwrite answer values for filter"the answer options can be overwritten in order to match them with the values from the CSV file. In our case we have defined the following values in the CSV for the respective answer options:

Quality standard 1 = "1"

At least quality standard 2 = "2"

At least quality standard 3 = "3"

Accordingly, we enter the values (1-3) for the possible answers.

Under "Recommendation Attributes” the filter element is selected, on the basis of which the product recommendation is to be limited or filtered later. This field refers to our columns in the CSV file. Before that, we defined the quality standards for each product in the CSV file. Under “Recommendation Attribute” we select “Quality Standard” accordingly.

On the "Operator” the comparison symbol is selected, ie . In our case we use the operator ≤ (less than or equal to). This compares the values of the user's response with the values for the products from the CSV.

Our finished sample filter then looks like this (please read the note below the picture!):

Filter example


So that the filter works for the respective answers and the matrix logic no longer applies here, under "Algorithm“ the answers (for which a filter has been set) will be excluded. To do this, go to "Algorithm" under "Special fields" in the line "exclude others“ and select the appropriate answers here. In our case it looks like this:

Filter & algorithm

Filter types

User input filter

The following settings can be made for the User Input Filter:

user input filter

Number input filter

The following settings can be made for the Number Input Filter:

number input filter

Dropdown input filter

The following settings can be made for the Dropdown input filter:

dropdown input filter

Input filter checkbox

The following settings can be made for the Input Filter checkbox:

checkbox input filter

Radio button input filter

The following settings can be made for the Radio button input filter:

radio button input filter
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