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The Thank You Page can be created under the menu item Thank You Page.

After the users have made their entries in the selector, a product recommendation is displayed on the Result Page. Then they can enter their contact details in the contact form (Form Page). Finally, your customer can be forwarded to a Thank You Page. There you can address your final words to them.

The following is a brief, detailed explanation of the configuration options that you can make in the digitizer's backend for the thank you page:

At the end of the thank you page you can forward the user to a link or a website - this can be your homepage, an information page or other websites. If the user clicks on the link button, this link can either be opened in a new browser window (tab) or in the same tab. If the link is opened in a new tab, this has the advantage that the thank you page (including contact information) is still opened in the old tab and can be viewed again.

The linked page on the thank you page can be opened in the same browser tab. The linked page can also be opened in a new tab instead, so that the thank you page including contact details remains open.

Open link button in new tab:

Thank you page in the backend:

  1. Header text: Thank You Page title
  2. Text below header: Text of the Thank You Page
  3. Contact info explanation: Add explanations to the contact
  4. Contact picture: Contact picture URL: Upload picture of the contact person
  5. Contact label: The “label” of the contact
  1. Contact name: Name of the contact person
  2. Contact position: Position of the contact person
  3. Contact phone: Telephone number of the contact person
  4. Contact mail: Contact person's email
  5. Contact center label: The "label" of the contact (positioned in the middle)
  1. Contact center picture: Contact picture URL: picture of the contact person - (positioned in the middle)
  2. Contact center phone: Telephone number of the contact person (positioned in the middle)
  3. Contact center mail: Contact person's email (positioned in the middle)
  4. Link button text: Name of the button
  5. Link button url: URL of the button

A Thank You Page can look like this, for example:

Thank you page frontend
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