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The upload takes place via the button Import product data. It is important that the CSV file is saved with the character code UTF-8 . You can find the instructions for this in the following article:

Save Excel spreadsheet in CSV format

The settings for the database in the next dialog can simply be adopted. A preview then gives an overview of the data to be imported. These can be filtered and searched based on the columns they contain. 

One click on import completes the process. The following dialog provides information about how many data records have already been imported and whether these are new products or a product update has taken place. To update existing products, a new file can simply be imported, the Matching then takes place automatically based on the ID column.

Language-dependent product upload 

The import of translations for products also takes place according to the process described above. 
ATTENTION: However, in order not to overwrite the previously added product data in the standard language, the appropriate language needs to be selected in Product Data Language (Languages can be created under: Menu: Translations> Add Language> Choose Language> Accept.) Only then can the product data be uploaded in a new language. 

There is also a practical translation function with which the selector can be quickly and easily translated into different languages. More information is available here:

After the products have been uploaded, the matrix has to be created. The matrix defines the user information for which a product is recommended.

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