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Multilingualism & Translation function

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Default language setting

The default language of the selector is set when it is created.

If your account has permission, you can use the button NEW SELECTOR create a new selector:

New selector

A pop-up will then open in which you can set the name of your selector and select the default language:

Usually your selector is ready to go, so you don't have to set the default language yourself.

Should the selector be available in several languages? Read the next section to learn how to add more languages.

Translations for all questions and input fields.

In the menu item Translations the selector can be translated into different languages. Here you can determine Translations for all questions and input fields. The left column shows the source language (usually the standard language) and the corresponding translations are entered in the right column. It is crucial to ensure that the fields Translate from and Translate to are set correctly.

Import & Export

Translations can also be added with the help of a CSV file via the button import button or downloaded via the Exportbutton.

Language code & URL parameters

The multilingualism can be used in the digitizer by manually adjusting the URL parameter. The language code in the path, eg "de_DE", must be changed to the language code of the desired translation, eg "en_EN".

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