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Create PDF for the Digital Product Selector

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PDF attachment for lead management via email

Send PDF file as an attachment
Send PDF file as an attachment

In order to be able to attach a PDF file to the lead control, it must first be created. The LibreOffice program is required to edit the PDF file so that you can then save the PDF file in the correct format (as a .fodt file).

Download LibreOffice: DOWNLOAD HERE

A template for the result PDF as an email attachment to the customer can be downloaded here:

PDF template as a mail attachment for the customer:  DOWNLOAD HERE

A template for the result PDF as an email attachment to sales can be downloaded here:

PDF template as a mail attachment for sales: DOWNLOAD HERE


  1. Open link
  2. Right click "Save as"
  3. save in .fodt format
  4. Open and edit the file with LibreOffice

Creating a PDF for the Digital Product Selector

The PDF templates can be designed freely, but these tips will help with the creation:

  • First adjust the header and footer.
  • The variable fields are created using placeholders. You can use the command Insert-Field commands-More field commands-Placeholders insert. The instruction is enclosed in <{{…}}>.
  • The designation within the placeholders after "recommendation." corresponds to the designation of the corresponding column in the stored product data of the CSV file. For example, the placeholder outputs the product name.
  • Lists can be generated with the placeholder <{{htmlList recommendation.benefits}}>. To do this, the text must be stored in the CSV file as a list:
  • Point 1
  • Point 2
  • For a bulleted list will
      (unordered list) and for numbering
        (ordered list) used. The placeholder can be provided with the desired bullet.
    Example of the PDF template
    Example of the PDF template
    • A variable hyperlink can be created using http://hyperlink/ (if the CSV column name is "video").
    • IF loops are made with <{{#if recommendation}}> open and with <{{/ if}}> closed. In the notice, these must have the same and unique designation. This also applies to the EACH loops, which are run through several times.
    • The placeholders in EACH start with "this." (instead of "recommendation."). Within the IF loop you can use <{{else}}> (with the same note designation) an alternative can be output if the first IF condition is not met.
    Example: Creation of a PDF attachment
    Example: Creation of a PDF attachment
    • In the PDF templates available for download, you can choose between option A or B. This means that the results can be displayed either one below the other in rows or side by side in columns.
    • PDF templates can be offered for download on the results page in the download section of the product. For example stand a Result PDF template and a Product data sheet-PDF-Tempalte available for download.
      • The product recommendation is here with "recommendation"Selected.
    • To add a PDF template in the bottom section of the results page, the template can be used for the mail attachment. (Here all product recommendations are marked with "recommendations"Is selected and the contact form placeholders must also be deleted.)

    My CSV file cannot be uploaded. Where is the mistake?

    Possible sources of error can be:

    • The CSV file contains incorrect column names (space keys, special characters, ...). Information on the CSV files can be read again under the menu item "Product upload".
    • IF or EACH loop was not closed or does not have the same name in the note.
    • The same IF or EACH notice was used in multiple loops.
    • Spelling errors / spaces were made in the placeholders or the point was forgotten.

    Example of lead management with PDF attachment:

    Example: Lead management with PDF attachment
    Example: Lead management with PDF attachment

    Configuration of the contact details in the PDF attachment

    In order for the contact data to be correctly transferred from the system to the PDF, as in the example shown above, they must first be assigned in the contact form and in the PDF document.

    Example: contact form
    Example: contact form

    In the menu area Form configuration the parameters for the contact form are set. In the example above, the first name is being asked. 

    Input label refers to the name displayed in the form. The Input name can input that under Input label was made by the user (here first name) can be linked to the PDF. In this case, the first name is transferred directly to the PDF document.

    Differentiate PDF dispatch by language

    In addition, the sending of the PDF can be differentiated according to language. To do this, a CSV file must first be uploaded, which assigns the relevant PDF to the respective languages. The CSV file must then be saved under Data sources .

    The CSV file has a relatively simple structure, the columns must "long" and "Url" to be able to assign you later.

    Example: CSV file language assignment
    Example: CSV file language assignment

    In the next step, the language of the respective PDF sent can be specified in the Send attachments area.

    In this case: If the selected language (chosen_language) the language in the data source (CSV Column "long") that under Data sources uploaded (Source: pdf_lang), then the PDF that is stored behind the URL is retrieved (column url).

    Example: Selecting a language
    Example: Selecting a language

    If the field Send attachments activated, a PDF file with the entries and results is automatically created when the contact request is made. The structure and design of the PDF can be completely customized. You can find an example of this below.

    Tip: The template of the PDF file must be saved in .fodt.

    Lead control according to zip code

    Similar to the control by language, PDF can also be played depending on the zip code, for example. The assignment is also made via the CSV file, which must be uploaded via data sources.

    You can find a template for the control depending on the zip code here:

    Example: CSV file with postcode allocation
    Example: CSV file with postcode allocation

    In the Lead the following settings must then be adopted:

    Example: lead page for postcode allocation
    Example: lead page for postcode allocation

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