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Incompatibilities can be used to identify answers or sets of answers that are incompatible with each other. This allows the question tree to be controlled in even more detail than with the conditions.

With Conditionals entire pages are defined to only be displayed when certain conditions apply, while incompatibilities refer only to specific responses.

For example, if for the question about the application area the answer Indoors is selected, the answer facade of the surface question can no longer be selected .

To define incompatibilities of the color selector, go to the Incompatibilities area and press the button NEW GROUP. Now select indoors and facade.

Create incompatibilities

Video tutorial:

Video tutorial incompatibilities

In the end, the selector looks like this for the customer:

The Facade option is grayed out and cannot be selected.

Frontend incompatibilities

There is also the possibility of incompatible answers within Checkboxes automatically hide when selecting. To do this, under Questionnaire in the Choice box with the guy Checkboxes the field "Disable Selection on Incompatibilities" to be activated. Afterwards, answers that are not compatible with each other can no longer be selected at the same time.

Frontend: Incompatible checkboxes
Frontend: Incompatible checkboxes

Next, the products are imported.

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