Sustainable digitization: 6 must-haves for your path to digital sales

The world has changed a lot in the last few months, not only in private life, but also for companies. Now it's time to adapt, optimize and, above all, digitize. Let's do it: Digital sales should have top priority!

The digitization of sales is long overdue, as every company knows today - unfortunately often only in theory. The problem becomes particularly clear in studies like that "SME Digitization Index 2019/2020" from Deutsche Telekom. Here, medium-sized companies with so-called "digital leads", i.e. the large digital market leaders, were specifically compared and asked about their satisfaction with regard to sales, new customer acquisition and product and service quality. The result: The digital leads are way ahead of medium-sized companies in all three areas. This can be seen most clearly in the “Sales” category, because you are 30 % more satisfied with it! We are not surprised by this result, because we say: Digital sales work faster, more efficiently and ultimately simply better.

After all, we promised you to reveal 6 must-haves for digital sales. In order to convey the steps to you as simply as possible, we use the value increase model according to Michael Porter as an aid. Below you can see the primary activities that you should implement for digital sales. In addition, the respective effects are shown, which the listed activities fulfill differently. If all effects are fulfilled, you have digitalized the sales in the long term, which will have a positive effect on the efficiency of the sales over time.

digitize sales

... is the business card of digital sales. If the user has to download a Flash Player like 20 years ago or struggle through pop-ups to get on with the website, he is usually gone before he has even seen your products - digitizing sales is different! Ensure consistent user-friendliness for desktop, tablet and smartphone views and the first step towards digital sales has been taken. A responsive design has a very high priority today so as not to scare users away and websites with a high level of user-friendliness also rank better on Google.

Effects: innovation and transformation, data and analytics

... may sound like a pure marketing task to one or the other, but digital sales always work hand in hand with online marketing. Make sure that your products are found on Google and you are one step closer to your goal of sustainable digitization of sales. Two effective tools for this are: SEO and SEA.

Effects: innovation and transformation, data and analytics

... Everyone knows it, but it is still not used enough. Salespeople from smaller companies repeatedly ask whether a CRM system for digitizing sales is worthwhile for the number of customers or suppliers - the answer is “yes”, because either way it is important for the design and maintaining customer relationships. A CRM enables easy cross-team collaboration thanks to automated processes. This increases the efficiency of sales enormously and saves a lot of time! So: be sure to implement - then you have already made half of it on your way to digital sales.

Effects: innovation and transformation, networking and cooperation, data and analytics, organization and processes

... are something for advanced sales digitizers. A PIM system centralizes and optimizes all marketing-relevant and technical information about the products. It's a bit tricky at first and takes a lot of time, but once implemented it will help your company enormously. There are big differences and possibilities depending on the size of the company and needs. Informing and comparing costs is worth it!

Effects: data and analytics, organization and processes

... are absolutely essential for digital sales! The user is used to a certain luxury from his private life, which he also expects in online shopping, or in other words: he is “amazed”. If he is on the train and would like to shop for clothes online, then he can do it today too! The products of their choice are delivered to their home quickly and conveniently. He also adapts these expectations to his business life. E-commerce solutions are definitely an important must-have if you want to digitize sales sustainably, because they support B2B companies in meeting the requirements of buyers.

Effects: networking and cooperation, data and analytics

These were the five best-known measures to digitalize sales sustainably. Each one requires a different amount of effort and brings the almost full digital sales a different size competitive advantage, as we have recorded for you in the following model. Wait a minute ... almost? Right, because we wouldn't be FoxBase if we didn't deal with the digitization of sales around the clock, because one must-have is still missing: the guided selling solution!

Sustainably digitize sales

... like our Digital Product Selector, an absolute must-have in order to digitize sales sustainably, because it gives the company a high digital competitive advantage with little effort. "Guided Selling" means picking up the potential buyer from the very first moment in his search. By this we mean to offer him exactly the right solution that he needs for his project on the website or in the online shop, as uncomplicated as possible. It's not that easy, especially when it comes to products that require explanation. All too often, the interested party has to fight their way through mountains of content in order to find out for themselves which product is the right one. Alternatively, the interested party contacts the sales representative and both invest hours together to find the individually suitable solution - not very efficiently. The sustainable digitization of sales aims to simplify processes and increase efficiency. This is achieved by shortening sales cycles and increasing customer satisfaction at the same time. This is where the Digital Product Selector comes in: The software is easily integrated into the online shop or website, for example. If the customer is now looking for a suitable product, he answers 5-10 questions in an interactive questionnaire. Based on his answers, the individually suitable product is recommended to him immediately afterwards. The whole thing sounds almost too simple, but depending on the industry, the Digital Product Selector actually shortens sales cycles by up to 90 % and is a damn big icing on the cake when it comes to digitizing sales. It is also a self-service solution, so sales can continue to work with it without programming knowledge and add or adapt questions. As an add-on for digital sales, there is a Customer Insights Portal: This allows the interests of buyers to be tracked very precisely, which not only allows trends to be recognized at an early stage, but also allows you to conduct your own market research depending on the questions selected.

Everything implemented? Then congratulations on the successful digitization of sales! If you would like to deal in more detail with the topic of "How to digitize sales sustainably", then simply switch to our Webinar on demand purely.


We look forward to every inquiry about the Digital Product Selector. Let's digitize B2B sales sustainably together!


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