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With Markus Pfründer from Precima and Benjamin Dammertz from FoxBase
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Content of the web talk

Resistance or Transformation? When the integration of new software becomes an issue in the company, employees become skeptical. Usually the question then arises, what happens to the personal data? Why this is so, which data is interesting for companies and what advantages the use of data has for companies, e.g. B. with regard to production, we have discussed in this Webtalk. We can already reveal this much: data contributes to better scalability in a wide variety of areas and data-oriented solutions can significantly strengthen customer focus.

The aim of the web talk is to stimulate a cross-industry exchange. In addition, best practice examples are used to show how data-oriented software solutions can be used sustainably.

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About the speakers

Markus Pfründer

Markus Pfründer is General Manager CS Europe at Precima, a global, innovative, data science company that helps retailers turn buyer insights into strategic benefits. Markus Pfründer specializes in digital marketing in retail and in particular in the areas of data strategies, customer focus, and personalized communication

Benjamin Dammertz

Benjamin Dammertz is the founder and managing director of the software company FoxBase. With the Digital Product Selector, FoxBase GmbH has developed a solution for digitizing sales in B2B companies. As an economist and with several years of experience as a project and department manager in marketing consulting, he is now at FoxBase, primarily for marketing, sales and finance & controlling.

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