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A success story doesn't write itself! We are over 30 clever foxes, an unbeatable team with a common goal: We want to digitize B2B sales worldwide. Here we go! #GoFoxBase!
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With our Digital Product Selector we are revolutionizing B2B sales, because we are finally making real digitization possible. Our benchmark is nothing less than a really good consultation. How we do this? Our software solution enables fast, simple and targeted online advice on complex products, so that customers and sales staff can find the best product independently in no time at all. Elaborate research and lengthy weighing are yesterday's news!
our mission
our mission


With our knowledge, we want to make a sustainable contribution to digitization and make life easier for customers and salespeople with our solution. We always work with foresight, because generating long-term efficiency for our customers is our top priority. In short: We aim to create something sustainable with the Digital Product Selector and to really make a difference in the B2B environment!
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Become part of the legendary FoxBase team!
FoxBase 2016 to 2021!

Click your way through our history, from the foundation to the here and now.

2015-2016: FoxBase is born

The FoxBase founders had been friends for ages when they took the step into independence. Carsten brought years of experience in IT consulting, while ben previously worked in strategic marketing in retail. In their everyday work, both stumbled upon the same problem again and again: Buzzwords like big data, AI and omni-channel commerce should simplify the purchasing process ... well, should. One important aspect was not resolved at all, namely digital advice. Our founders made a decision: They will change that by revolutionizing the purchasing process and offering the customer real added value - and voila, that's how the idea behind the Digital Product Selector was born.

2016-2017: Off to the Start Platz!

The basic idea of individual and digital advice was there from the beginning, but at that time our two CEOs were still focusing on the B2C area. For the idea of radically shortening sales cycles, they were awarded a start-up grant from the Düsseldorf Economic Development Agency and thus landed in the starting position. During a round of table football, they got to know a Henkel employee and found out that their solution is actually urgently needed, especially in the B2B area. “Your solution for our industrial adhesives - can you do that?” Henkel asked at the time. “Of course we can!” No sooner said than done - the two of them threw themselves into work and after the success of the first one, one adhesive selector after the other was developed!

2017-2018: Next step: Software as a service

While they were busy working on the Digital Product Selectors for Henkel, the - meanwhile grown - FoxBase team came up with another idea: How about if we no longer develop and set up everything for our business customers on our own, but instead provide them with software that you can work flexibly and independently? The idea led to our current Software as a Service model. If that wasn't a milestone! And with our first pitch at the Ruhr Summit 2017, we made it straight to the grand finale. But much more important: the software got better and better and new customers kept coming.

2018-2019: Digital Product Selector conquers B2B industries

With every solution you develop, the question arises: How big and real is the problem it is fighting? We wanted to know that early on, so we continued to collect feedback whenever and wherever possible. The statements were clear: “Yes, we need that and why the hell has nobody thought of it before?” Other prizes followed, such as the ChemStartup Award at the Startup-Con. And the Digital Product Selector conquered the chemical, electrical, telecommunications and finally the construction industries with many additional customers. That much should be said: We are far from finished!

2019-2021: FoxBase, Here and Now

The software has become more and more flexible, tons of new features, many new customers from hidden champion SMEs to DAX corporations with a wide variety of use cases - and above all, our legendary team has now grown to over 30 people who dig into it every day. Today we look back proudly, but at the same time we know that we are still a long way from having arrived. Certainly a lot has happened for us in the last five years. We want to continue to grow and be at the forefront in terms of innovation without ever losing sight of the needs of our customers. It's great that you have accompanied our journey to this point - or that you will accompany us! To the next milestones! GoFoxBase!
Awards and participation in the finals

Success that can be seen

chemstartup award 2018
chemstartup award 2018
The longest business pitch in the world 2019
The longest business pitch in the world 2019
chemistry pitch day 2019
chemistry pitch day 2019
digitalBAU startup award 2020
digitalBAU startup award 2020
Startup Pitch Digital Demo Day 2020
Startup Pitch Digital Demo Day 2020
digitalBAU startup award 2020
Startup Award of the DIGITAL FUTUREcongress 2020

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We look forward to every inquiry about the Digital Product Selector. Let's digitize B2B sales sustainably together!

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addressOststrasse 10, 40211 Düsseldorf