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Sustainably digitize B2B sales

With Frank Stampa, Head of Sales at FoxBase
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Added value of the online seminar

  • We will show you which alternatives to analog sales are promising and future-oriented, with a focus on B2B companies that offer products and services that require explanation.
  • We explain how sales digitization will take your company to the next level.
  • You will get an overview of how your company can use guided selling solutions and which steps are necessary for this.

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Sustainably digitize B2B sales

Also due to Covid-19, companies are facing the challenge that analog sales channels such as trade fairs and events are breaking down and they have to switch to digital sales channels. But the competitive market on the World Wide Web is huge. Now it's time to rely on good sales and marketing strategies in order to win new customers online.

In this online seminar, Frank Stampa examines the question of what a digital customer journey looks like and what expectations online users have in purchasing? Then, using real use cases, he explains how sales digitization improves sales in the shortest possible time and prepares them for the time after the crisis. He also explores the question of how you can recognize market trends and use them sensibly.

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Frank Stampa

Head of Sales
FoxBase GmbH

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