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Shorten sales cycles, but do it right!

With Frank Stampa, Head of Sales at FoxBase
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Added value of the online seminar

  • We explain how B2B companies radically shorten the sales cycle, e.g. B. in advising and explaining complex products and services.
  • We compare different sales approaches and show solutions.
  • We explain how you can shorten the sales cycle by up to 90%.
  • We show how you can increase the efficiency of sales by up to 40%.

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Shorten sales cycles

“The sales cycles are way too long!” A problem that is actually still a big issue because it simply slows down sales efficiency. Digitalization has been on everyone's lips for so long that one might think that it would have arrived in every company long ago - but if we look around the current situation, it becomes clear that, fatally, until a few months ago, digital transformation was only seen as a 'nice- to-have '. Everyone is now aware of the urgency and the task is to digitize sales quickly and yet sustainably. But how?

In this online seminar, Frank Stampa sheds light on the traditional sales funnel. He then shows where the sales department can use digital solutions in order to save time in the right places or to be able to redistribute it sensibly. He also deals with the questions of how the customer journey has changed and what expectations online users have in purchasing today. On the basis of real use cases, Frank Stampa finally explains how sales digitization shortens sales cycles, increases the acquisition of new customers and compacts extensive data in a smart way.

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Frank Stampa

Head of Sales
FoxBase GmbH

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