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Digital Product Selector - what is it?

The Digital Product Selector is a solution that uses artificial intelligence to accelerate and digitize B2B sales and significantly increase the sales efficiency of B2B companies. As with good individual advice, customers and sales staff can find the best product quickly, easily and digitally.
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Introduction to Getting Started

The goal of Getting Started is to get you a quick understanding of how to build a selector. The most important features of the digitizer are used and explained for this purpose. Some features are explained later in the documentation. Start with step 1 of Getting Started and click through the individual steps using the "Next" button. Step 1 starts with the creation of a sector in the digitizer and step 8 concludes with how a selector is integrated into the website.
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We look forward to every inquiry about the Digital Product Selector. Let's digitize B2B sales sustainably together!

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