Digital strategies and sustainability are more relevant than ever

Our Head of Sales, Frank, is certain of one thing: Now we have the time to digitize sales, optimize sales processes in the long term and increase efficiency without losing sight of the needs of our customers. No, on the contrary ... A statement from our Sales Fox:

We read every day about the problems that this crisis brings with it. Major events are being canceled, be they trade fairs, concerts or just the gathering of groups of friends in the park. Everything is only possible to a limited extent - or so it seems. In short: everyone is affected in some way. It hits those companies hard in the past that have decided against digitization, i.e. “Prio I - Topic”, or have not even considered agreeing on digital strategies. It can be assumed that these companies will have to pay a high price for this.

And what are the reactions of some companies? Budgets are frozen - “You have to watch the market first!”, They say. Companies that cannot get out of the “Made in Germany” philosophy lack agility.

Owner-managed companies that prohibit their employees from working from home or cannot even provide them with laptops or similar work equipment stand still in the crisis. One result: The demand market for mobile devices is exploding, but the facilities are taking a long time. VPN networks must be set up, the bandwidth of the home office must have adequate strength ... This list can go on forever.

Now the "germanicus vulgaris - the common German" tends to stick its head in the sand and, let's put it a little casually, to scold like the reed sparrow.

James Blunt plays in the empty Elbphilharmonie and can be seen on the stream, balcony concerts can be heard in the streets ... Here, too, the list can be expanded many times over, but I think the idea is well conveyed.

We seem to have discovered new digital strategies for our everyday life and entertainment options and welcome them with open arms. But what is happening in the business world?

A lot gets going here, too: Video conferences replace “meetings in person”, business trips have to be avoided, webinars are springing up, podcasts are produced, virtual showrooms are possible thanks to VR technology, guided selling supports the Inquirers in the selection of the right solutions for their requirements, and that without the support of sales, if the solution is intuitive and from FoxBase! (A little joke on the side) Home office is now "commonplace" ...

The best ideas come out of necessity. This is a phrase that everyone has known for a long time, but will the mechanisms that now keep companies running in this time of crisis be maintained?

We can assume that managers will vote in favor of it, as effectiveness will not correct itself downwards. It also saves companies a lot of resources. Whether it is expensive trips to avoidable on-site appointments or office space that can be implemented through an optimally balanced home office strategy.

It is already becoming clear that digitization is now the "Prio I - topic" in companies. You should not only focus on the digital strategy, but it is advisable to deal with all of them once and let the “pros and cons” run against each other.

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