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AI in sales: revolutionize sales with digital purchase advice

Sales software and artificial intelligence are already part of modern sales. In the future, there will be new and exciting ways to improve customer service based on artificial intelligence. The customer approach ...

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Digitizer Day 2022
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Digitizer Day 2022: FoxBase introduces new features

The second round of FoxBase's "Digitizer Day" virtual customer day started this year. Exactly one year has passed since the last Digitizer event, so FoxBase recently announced its...

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Smart Contracts | FoxBase
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Smart Contracts in the B2B context

An Introduction to Smart Contracts One of the most notable features of the blockchain is its decentralization. It is capable of being shared by all entities of the blockchain network, making the...

| Reading time: 7 min.
Social Selling FoxBase
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Social Selling: A Beginner's Guide

Definition: “Social selling is the process of developing relationships as part of the sales process. This is done by finding interested parties via social networks such as LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, ...

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Customer orientation B2B FoxBase
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5 tips for better customer orientation in B2B

The customer is king, right? “The customer is king.” Everyone is familiar with this saying, but is it the reality? If we are honest, that corresponds to a wishful thinking or a company goal, ...

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B2B Events September FoxBase
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B2B events in September 2021 that should not be missed

In September there will be some exciting events that deal with digitization in B2B industries. These not only focus on digital transformation, but participation is also online ...

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